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Schlumbergera is our main crop and this beautiful plant has been included in our product range since 1975. Over the years, we have gained the requisite knowledge of this plant, so we know how to grow this plant effectively. With the arrival of new technological resources, this knowledge continues to be expanded and this remains a continuous learning process in which we closely track and anticipate the growth of the Schlumbergera.

Our varieties

Paars Jolly Dancer


Oranje Christa open bloem


Rood Belgie Rood open bloem


Oranje Vida open bloem


Wit Malissa open bloem




Russian open bloem


Our roots

We are a family company started in 1899 by Jan Hofland, located in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands. We have been growing Schlumbergera for over 45 years now (since 1975). Today, the fifth generation of Hoflands are running the nursery: sister Annemiek and brother Frank. In the background is the older generation, brothers Goos and Peter, on hand to share their years of knowledge and experience with the younger generation.


Our mother plants

At the farm Xclusive Young Plants in Uganda a part of our Schlumbergera mother plants are growing. We have this co-operation for over 5 years now. The climate in Uganda for Schlumbergera is very good especially during wintertime.


Our facts

Co-operation with Xclusive Uganda since 2018

A farm of 7,5 hectares wide

The climate in Uganda for growing Schlumbergera is very good

Hofland Flowering Plants has the same varieties at her nursery as Xclusive

Xclusive is MPS certified

7 colours available

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